Our Concept

One Earth is all about eco-conscience. It’s about hospitality that’s geared towards offering a responsible service that does not compromise the safety of our environment. While everyone has been talking about doing their bit for the environment and the planet at large, One Earth has made eco-safety both its philosophy and driving force. Needless to say, its logo depicts just that! The five basic elements or the Panchamahabhutas - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are blended seamlessly into the logo of One Earth. Knowing the attributes of each element can help understand how man interacts with his environment. The earth signifies stability and strength, water indicates cohesion and fire suggests energy. Similarly, air represents movement while space stands for openness. The logo of One Earth brings together these elements in their graphical form to indicate the symbiotic relationship they share with each other and the environment.

One Earth aims to serve environmentally sensitive travelers through its Green chain of hotels. Right from products to practices, everything at One Earth will be essentially Green. Its tagline - Responsible Hospitality For A Greener Planet is woven with great precision into the logo, thus reiterating its Green initiative. It wouldn’t be long before One Earth sets the benchmark in Green Hospitality. Our logo reinforces it, underlining our core philosophy of fostering responsible, green, eco-friendly hospitality services and facilities!

At One Earth It’s all about You!! One Earth Hotels fills the gap that lies between an economy hotel and a luxury hotel. Designed to suit the global traveler, One Earth believes in true Indian hospitality - providing full service, at affordable prices. Combining this with efficiency, global design, and a fun experience makes One Earth one of the youngest concepts to enter the Indian hospitality landscape in a long time.