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Kangra is known for having the oldest serving Royal Dynasty in the world, the Katoch. In 1758, Raja Ghamand Chand was appointed Nazim or governor of Jullundur Doab under the Afghans. Ghamand Chand was a brave and strong ruler who restored the prestige of Kangra. As he was unable to capture Kangra fort, he built another fort at Tira Sujanpur on the left bank of the Beas, almost opposite to Alampur on a hill overlooking the town. Kangra District is famous for its beautiful temples, which are many in number. As a pilgrimage center, Kangra has an important place in the hearts of the Hindus.

He died in 1774 and was succeeded by his son, Tegh Chand, who died too soon in 1775 Kangra became a district of British India in 1846, when it was ceded to British India at the conclusion of the First Anglo-Sikh War. The British district included the present-day districts of Kangra, Hamirpur, Kullu, and Lahul and Spiti. Kangra District was part of the British province of Punjab. The administrative headquarters of the district were initially at Kangra, but were moved to Dharamshala in 1855.


Best season to visit April-July and September-March. In Oct-November weather is cool and enjoyable. The weather is generally cool at day and night.

Best BuysWooden Articles, Toys, Kullu and Kinnauri Shawls, Caps, Tibetan Carpets and other handicraft articles.

Temperature Between 1 C in winters and 30 C in summer. Through out the year.

Climate It is situated in Western Himalayas in the range of 6,401 meters above sea level. The climate of district is pleasant around the year except in plains where temperature may raise up to 40° C in the month of May/June. Monsoon sets in the first week of July and continues till mid September.

Best Activities Trekking, Skiing, Golfing, Fishing

Best season to visit April-July and September-March

Clothing Light Woollens/Heavy Woollens

Location In the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Altitude 427 to 6,401 meters above sea level

Population 12,00,000

STD Code 01892

Languages Hindi, Himachali, Garhwali, English

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