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The craving for knowledge is high among the people of Rajkot. This is evident from the fact that, it has the highest number of Daily newspapers in Gujarat.

Most businesses in Saurashtra and the Kutch region are carried out in Rajkot. One of the major reasons for this is the existing business-friendly atmosphere of Rajkot. It is also a major hub for stock trading in the country. With a population of about 2.0 Million, Rajkot is in the prime location of Gujarat and even the business capital. With several benefits in business areas, it is also enriched with cultural values. Rajkot possesses number of religious and seasonal celebrations during certain days of the year. Mahatma Gandhi who is the Father of the Nation also spent his early years of life in Rajkot.

Rajkot is flaunted with various tourist attractions such as the famous Swaminarayan Temple, The Watson Museum and Library, Kaba Gandhi No Delo, The Rajkumar College, Rashtriya Shala, and Jagnath Mandir.

Rajkot is a well-placed city of Gujarat - INDIA. Even, It is the industrial hub of Gujarat with good infrastructure, suitable climate conditions, easily available trained human resources and well-followed law and order. Moreover, due to Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), the Rail, Road, Port, Air connectivity in addition to Power supply, Telecom, Internet is never an issue.

Rajkot offers a blend of traditional and contemporary business options for its people. Here is a list of few businesses that are developing in the Rajkot: machine tools, Gems & Jewellery, kitchen wares, automotive components and real estate.

Best season to visit November to Mid - March is the best time to visit Rajkot, with hot dry summers from mid-March to mid-June and the wet monsoon season from mid-June to October, when the city receives 600 mm of rain on average. The months from November to Mid march are mild, the average temperature being around 20 °C, with low humidity.

Best Buys Bandhani Saris, the mirror works, bead works, patchworks and silk embroidered dress materials and other handicraft articles.

Temperature Between 15 C in winters and 48 C in summer.

Climate One of the most important weather phenomena that is associated with the city of Rajkot is the cyclone. The cyclones generally occur in the Arabian Sea during the months after the rainy season. The region experiences a lot of rainfall and high-speed winds during the time of the year, after the monsoon season as well as the months of May and June. However, June experiences lesser amount of rainfall and winds than the post-monsoon time. Thunderstorms are another important part of the Rajkot weather in the months of June and July. During summer time, the temperature ranges between 24 °C and 42 °C. In the months of winter, Rajkot temperature varies between 10 °C and 22 °C but on a whole winters are pleasant.

Festivals Garba is popular among both, men and women and is performed during the festival of Navratri. The dance starts before midnight and continues until dawn. Mata Ambe, who rides a lion, has a special reverential status with any highly religious Gujarati people. The 'Janmastami Mela' is organised for five days at the Race Course grounds to celebrate Janmastami. Diwali is one of the most important festival and is usually a week long holiday. Rajkot Municipal Corporation arranges the annual Fireworks Show for the citizens of Rajkot during the Diwali festival. The festival of Eid is also celebrated by the Muslim population. Holi is another festival celebrated with frolic and is widely enjoyed by most of the city folk. People also celebrate Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti) on 14 January by flying kites from their terraces.

Location Rajkot is situated in the region called Saurashtra in the Gujarat state of India. The significance of Rajkot's location is owing to the fact that it is one of the prime industrial centres of Gujarat. Rajkot has a central location in the area called the Kathiawar peninsula. The city is located within the Rajkot district in Gujarat. The city is located on the banks of Aji River and Nyari River which remains dry except the monsoon months of July to September.

Best Activities Krishna Water Park, Aji Dam, Osam Hill

Best season to visit November to Mid - March

Clothing Light Woollens/Heavy Woollens

Location Western coast of India.

Altitude 128 m above sea level

Population 2 Million Approx

STD Code 0281

Languages Hindi, Gujarati, English