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Responsible Hospitality For A Greener Planet

One Earth is known for its eco-conscious hospitality. We believe in providing responsible services to our clients without compromising the safety and environment of the Mother Earth. We have taken actual steps to be among the environmentally responsible lot instead of just talking about it. We have made the eco-safety the primary driving force in our chain of Leisure Hotels. We have blended all the basic elements/Panchamahabhutas into our logo as we take attributes of each of these elements and amalgamate them into our philosophy to express the importance of each of them while being eco-conscious.

Our Objective

One Earth’s objective is to serve travelers who are environmentally conscious in the way they deserve to be treated – our Green chain of hotels is designed for such travelers. While enjoying our hospitality your conscience will be free from the burden of leaving behind a huge carbon print just for the sake of your leisure. We make it our point that everything that enters the premises of our hotels, from practices to products, is Green. We weave our slogan ‘Responsible Hospitality For A Greener Planet’ into each of our services with the utmost precision and make sure our Green initiative stays alive. One Earth is the pioneer in bringing Green hospitality and aims at setting a benchmark for others to get inspired and follow us in our footprints to make our planet a safer place for our future generations. Our core philosophy is to foster green, ecologically friendly, responsible services as well as facilities when it comes to hospitality.

Bridging the Gap between Economy and Luxury

One Earth values its clients and customers and for that matter, we are the only brand that is consciously thriving to bridge the gap between economy and luxury. Our chain of green hotels is designed according to the needs of global travelers. we bring the ultimate Indian Hospitality at very affordable prices. One Earth is a relatively newer yet fresh addition to the Indian Hospitality landscape with its unique philosophy, globally acceptable design, and efficiency that makes your visit to India a remarkably fun and memorable experience.

Experience the Exceptional One Earth Spirit

One Earth Hotels and Resorts are designed according to the contemporary needs of travelers from across the globe while keeping the safety of the environment on priority. We evoke the true feelings of immersive traveling experience with the help of our chain of boutique offerings across the country to satisfy the travel enthusiast in you. Our chain of resorts and hotels is dotted across the country at the most sought-after hotspots of India to help you explore extraordinary locations with sheer comfort and luxury. We make sure to pair our impeccable services with refined sophistication so that you get value-added services and exceptional value for your hard-earned money. From open spaces with everything, you need to unique designs, from chic boutique offerings to reasonably priced luxury, from luxurious indulgence to value-added basics, over nine hotels in eight different locations across India ensure you a stay that is both luxurious and unparalleled.




Monalika S Bhatiya - Director

Monalika S Bhatiya – Marketing and Communication Expert as our Director has helped One Earth grow as a brand from scratch by being a great asset of our leadership. Monalika as the director as well as a major stakeholder of the One Earth Group is in charge of the Sales and Marketing alongside central reservations, and branding. She leads and directs the company with her exceptional vision and has been a one-of-her-kind director so far.

Sanjay Kumar Bhatiya
Director Strategic Planning & Development

Sanjay Kumar Bhatiya, the Director of Strategic Planning and Development at One Earth, has been handling his position well with his exceptional career span of 27 years, which has made him a seasoned hotelier. He has worked on a broad spectrum of assignments including the General Manager TGB Hotels & Resorts handling Multi-Unit Operations to Central Reservations and MICE operations and Area

Aashu Bhatnagar
Honorary Director & Advisor

Aashu Bhatnagar has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and his career spans 27 years having worked in various international hotel brands as well as hotel revenue verticals. His career kicked off with unit reservations (Hyatt Regency New Delhi) post, which he moved to manage central reservations with IHG hotels. Then he worked in operations, with Holiday Inn Gem Park Ooty as Front Office

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