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Hotel in Jammu

One Earth Hotel

The Location
Jammu, a city unique in its position as a pilgrimage spot, a holiday destination and a business nerve centre, is home to Asia One Earth that caters with equal elan to the faithful, the tourists and the business travelers.

The Hotel
Designed to maximize your comforts, Asia One Earth, Jammu provides to i. guests a world of immaculate services and unparalleled hospitality. Comprising of expanded rooms and suites equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art facilities we offer you well furnished rooms with all the modern amenities. Furnished with elegant interiors, these spaces provide a cozy ambience to its guests. Ideally suited to accommodate the needs of business and leisure travelers alike, these rooms provide enviable luxury at affordable prices.

Strategic location, a unique choice of venue options in terms of a myriad of sizes and nature of gatherings, world class facilities, an elegant ambience, an impressive menu variety, impeccable execution, professional yet warm hospitality and an array of customizable packages to choose from - all make Asia One Earth, Jammu the right choice to host events. The hotel is well-equipped to flawlessly orchestrate an array of even. and social gatherings - be them high profile corporate events, seminars and meeting of business, celebration or family functions like wedding, receptions, baby showers and birthday parties.