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One Earth Hotel

Situated on a hillock, adjacent to National Highway 8, Hotel Wonder Clif, offers a wonderful view of the hills and the city in its entirety. Not long ago, this land was inhabited by Muntjacs, Elks, Chitals or more commonly known as Deer. They galloped around these adjacent hillocks enjoying the rich flora of the majestic Aravali Hills. One can feel curvy contours going up and down in the area nearby, gently taking the wanderer back in time to feel the freedom of the open nature. Offering 32 well-appointed and luxurious rooms and suites, One Earth Wonder Clif welcomes its guests to the city of Udaipur which has imbibed within itself the Royalness of Rajasthan, Honour of Warriors and Hospitality of Kings from past many centuries. With its famous Lakes and Palaces, boat rides, romantic lakeside walks, rope-ways, temples, mesmerizing hilltops, the city of Udaipur offers get away from your everyday life to enjoy and relax with your family and loved ones.